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All things System Center 2012

I wanted to start a new blog for the System Center 2012 products I’ll be exposed to over the next few years. Anything I post here will also be posted on SystemCenterCentral.com. My main focus will be Operations Manager, however, I’m diversifying into the world of SCORCH, i.e. System Center Orchestrator, and Service Manager. I’ll have some of my first posts on Installing OM12 RC up soon. Till then here are some links to the pre-release System Center 2012 product documentation, as well as the System Center team sites.

Official Documentation

System Center 2012 pre-release product documentation

Operations Manager 2012 pre-release product documentation

SCORCH or Orchestrator 2012 pre-release documentation

Service Manager 2012 prerelease documentation

System Center Team blogs

System Center Team Blog Nexus SC

System Center Service Manager

System Center Orchestrator

Operations Manager Team Blog

Data Protection Manager Team Blog

Scott Moss
Microsoft MVP (System Center)
President System Center Virtual User Group http://systemcentercentral.com/scvug
Vice President Atlanta SMUG http://www.atlsmug.org

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