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OM 12 RC – Powershell Cmdlet Get-SCOMManagementServer

The Get-SCOMManagementServer cmdlet gets the management servers in the management group. Running with out any options returns a list of the management server in this management group.

PS C:\> Get-SCOMManagementServer

WARNING: column “Id” does not fit into the display and was removed.

HealthState DisplayName Version ActionAccountIdentity

———– ———– ——- —————–

Success OMVNEXTQA03.qa.net 7.0.8443.0 QA\sdk

Success OMVNEXTQA01.qa.net 7.0.8443.0 QA\sdk

To find out what properties and methods are available to use with this cmdlet run

PS C:\> Get-SCOMManagementServer | GM

Lets list out the servers in the management group and what the proxy settings are and what version they are.

PS C:\> Get-SCOMManagementServer | ft name, proxyingenabled, version

Name ProxyingEnabled Version

—- ————— ——-

OMVNEXTQA03.qa.net True 7.0.8443.0

OMVNEXTQA01.qa.net True 7.0.8443.0


The Get-SCOMManagementServer cmdlet can be used with other SCOM cmdlets for example Set-SCOMRMSEmulator which will be show in my next post.

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