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OM 12 RC – Powershell Cmdlet Set-SCOMRMSEmulator

This is an interesting cmdlet, allowing you to move the RMS Role to a different server, or create the RMS role if the role is not held by any servers in the management group. The RMS Emulator Role is needed for backward compatibility reasons in case any MPs require the RMS Role. This would also tell you there are cmdlets to both get and remove this role and, they will be discussed in the next two blog posts.



This is one of the cmdlets that requires the server name to be in FQDN format. Just entering the NetBIOS name will not cut it with this cmdlet, and there is no error or indication that the role was not moved if you used the NetBIOS name. For that matter there is no indication if the Role is moved either, so you should always verify that the role moved afterward.

The following example will move the RMSEmulator role to omvnextqa03.qa.net, so first we get the management server using the Get-SCOMManagementServer cmdlet, then piping it to Set-SCOMRMSEmulator.

PS C:\> Get-SCOMManagementServer -Name omvnextqa03.qa.net | Set-SCOMRMSEmulator

The next line verifies that the RMS Emulator role moved, by using get-SCOMRMSEmulator connecting to omvnextqa01, and lists the name of the RMSEmulator for that management group.

PS C:\> get-SCOMRMSEmulator -computername omvnextqa01.qa.net

WARNING: column "Id" does not fit into the display and was removed.

HealthState DisplayName Version ActionAccountIdentity

———– ———– ——- —————–

Success OMVNEXTQA03.qa.net 7.0.8443.0 QA\sdk

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