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SCOM 2007: Import MP Error

Looking at the complete picture can be difficult if under pressure, and your just trying to get a task done, and you get tunnel vision. Sometimes this is impossible due to the caffeine intake. Anyways I ran into a problem when doing a very normal task, of importing a Management pack. Wonk Error! What?!?!


If my trouble shooting side of my brain would have kicked in, I would have looked at the OpsMgr event log and seen the problem very quickly.

There were 3 warning Event ID 33333 with a Source of DataAccessLayer and one Error Event ID 26319 Source: OpsMgr SDK Service Events. Seeing these event details, would have cut my trouble shooting time in half. The event details state the problem was a duplicate Monitor name, apparently the Monitor Names are not case sensitive.

When you encounter an error in the opsmgr console always remember to look at the OpsMgr Event log. It might just save you some time.

Scott Moss
Microsoft MVP (Service Center Cloud and Datacenter Management)
Vice President Atlanta SMUG http://www.atlsmug.org
President System Center Virtual User Group  http://systemcentercentral.com/scvug

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