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System Center Universe 2013!

The System Center Universe 2012 was a huge hit, so the folks at Catapult Systems are throwing another System Center party in Irving, Texas on January 31, 2013.  This event is a great precursor (not a replacement!) for MMS 2013.  If you’re in the Irving, Texas area on January 31, 2013 you can attend in person for $125.00 (travel and hotel not included).  If you’re not in the area, the event will be simulcast live for several User Groups.

There are a couple presenters already booked and the agenda is still being worked out.  So, stay tuned for more information as it is completed.


The main site: http://www.systemcenteruniverse.com/

Registration: http://portal.eventmethod.com/Ticketing/Packages/5076db88f8e8a1287d5fb665

If you feel like traveling to the event, check the venue and hotels page:  http://www.systemcenteruniverse.com/venue.htm

Other stuff..

Follow the event on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SCU2013

Follow the event on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/systemcenteruniverse

Shamelessly borrowed from myitforum


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