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Trouble shooting Set-SCOMLicense

I’ve seen this in the forums a bit much to not blog about this topic. One of the more important things to do when deploying System Center Operations Manager 2012 is to set the license key. By default Operations Manager installs itself in 180 day evaluation mode. You can identify weather Operations Manager is in Evaluation mode by opening up the Operations console, and click help about. An Evaluation is shown below.



Normal usage of Set-SCOMLicense

1. Log in Management Server
2. Open Operation Manager Shell
3. type :Set-SCOMLicense -ProductId yourlicensekey


Well this did not work as I had hoped it would. Looks like some kind of registry permissions problem. Typical.

Start Powershell using run as Administrator

1. Type: Import-module OperationsManager

2. Type: Set-SCOMLicense -ProductId yourlicensekey



After running this cmdlet you will not get any confirmation that anything has changed. The best way to verify that it has been updated is to restart the Operations Manager server, then open up the console and selecting help about.


The license type will usually not update until at least the OpsMgr 3 services have been restarted on the RMSE (Root Management Server Emulator).


Additional tip: The account that is used run this cmdlet should have write access to the OpsMgr Database. Using the OpsMgr SDK service account would be easiest route to take.

PowerShell way to check on license:

Get-SCOMManagementGroup | ft skuforlicense, version, timeofexpiration –a

KB Article on this subject: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2699998

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