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Technical items to know before starting an Operations Manager Pilot

The following list of KBs and links are resources to help ensure a successful Operations Manager Pilot.

Hot Fixes for Operations Manager

Following link is to Kevin Holman’s OpsMgr Blog (one of the better OpsMgr blog resources) that details Operations Manager application hot fixes as well as KNOW OS hot fixes. These known OS hot fixes should be downloaded for the specific platform that your deploying it from, so make sure to choose the correct check box when downloading. (these hot fixes are not a part of the normal patch Tuesday process) Deploying these hot fixes prior to installing OpsMgr or deploying OpsMgr agents would be the best route to take as several of these hot fixes fix memory leaks, which could negatively effect the agent managed box.

(UPDATE) Check out Official MS KB Article on this subject matter:



Recommendations for antivirus exclusions that relate to Operations Manager

The following KB is CRITICAL to have monitoring function correctly on agent managed machines. Not having the antivirus exclusions could cause management packs to work incorrectly due to scripts not running etc. Exclusions are for both management server, agent machines, as well as on the SQL Server. Having these exclusions deployed to the machines that your planning to install SCOM on or deploy SCOM agents too before hand would be the best route to take to minimize possible issues that might arise.


OpsMgr 2012 SP1 Quick Start deployment guide

This is another resource from Kevin Holman, that offers how to quickly install and configure Operations Manager 2012 SP1 on Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012. Kevin suggest the accounts and groups that will be needed to successfully install OpsMgr, as well as what SQL collation should be used. By far the best step by step deployment guides for some one new to Operations Manager. If he would have included screen shots the web page would have been 50 pages, so lucky for us it is just text.


Operations Manager Sizing excel file

This is a must get. Properly sizing the database as well as getting an idea what IOPs will be required for a sizing an OpsMgr solution is extremely important. The sizing helper also helps size the disk subsystem for sql as well as how many management servers would be needed.  If the database is under powered the opsmgr console will be slow or unresponsive and will become an unmanageable beast. A properly sized SQL infrastructure with room to grow for the the life time of the application is extremely important. Sizing guidance is given per the inputs that you provide.


Operations Manager Admin 101 document

The following pdf can be downloaded from Kevin Holman’s OpsMgr blog. It was written by several Microsoft Premier Field Engineers. It gives an overview of some of the functions of the Operations Manager console, and alert – health – performance data, creating reports and other administrative tasks. Also great examples like how to send an alert when a user account is added to the domain admins group.  A great resource for a new admin, even though the subject matter is Operations Manager 2007 it will work for Operations Manager 2012. At 106 pages, a must get!


System Requirements: System Center 2012 SP1 – Operations Manager

This is a very helpful document that discusses minimum requirements, as well as required software for the OS, as well as SQL versions that are supported. One of the better items on this page, is the supported firewall Scenarios, as well as minimum network speeds required for various supported components, as well as Monitored Item capacity. All are very important aspects when planning an OpsMgr deployement, even if it is for a pilot enviornemnt.


As I run across more resources I’ll add them to this page.

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