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OpsMgr KBs refresher of sorts..

A few frequent problems that I keep seeing either in the field or SCOM forums would be avoided by an ounce of prevention of making sure your systems are patched before they get SCOM, as well as knowing how to trouble shoot grey agents. The first two resources I strongly suggest getting familiar with if you are running a SCOM 2012 environment. The last article in this list is for SCOM 2007 for those that must maintain that type of environment.

System Center 2012 Operations Manager: Recommended Agent OS Fixes and Updates


List of specific OS related Hot fixes that need to be manually installed. Windows Update will not provide these to clients. A must do and review in my opinion if you are in day to day Operations of a SCOM environment.


Troubleshooting gray agent states in System Center Operations Manager


There is also some basic trouble shooting information for SQL Performance problems, as well as an extensive collection of performance counters for Operations Manager

Troubleshooting SQL Server Performance
Operational Database (OperationsManager)
Data Warehouse (OperationsManagerDW)
Counters to identify memory pressure (SQL)
Counters to identify disk pressure (SQL)

OpsMgr Performance counters (Quite an impressive list)


Agent Health tips and fixes for System Center Operations Manager 2007


For those that must keep up a SCOM 2007 environment do not forget to check this resource for SCOM 2007. Windows Update will not deploy these patches as they are specific to Operations Manager environment.

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