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MP Author – how to add a Reference

I was asked the question today, how to add a Reference MP in MP Author. As I had not done much MP Authoring using MP Author, I had not yet done this specific task yet but it was easy enough to find.

Why would you want to add a reference MP to an MP you are authoring? One reason would be to utilize any Classes that were made marked as Public. So say if you wanted to utilize the SQL Database Class, because you need to author a special monitor for all SQL Databases, just add a reference in your Management Pack to the Microsoft.SQLServer.Library.mp (the same version you are using in your production SCOM Management Group) to be able to target a new monitor in your management pack to the SQL Database Class.

To add a reference MP, first copy the sealed MP file to the following folder (if you did a default install of the MP Author tool) C:\Program Files\Silect\MP Author\ManagementPacks

There are actually two ways adding a reference MP could be done.

1. When creating the MP, in the Add Wizard screen click the Add Optional References button, and select the MP from the list, then click ok.



2. Once the MP is open in MP Author, right click the MP Name under MP Contents, then select Add Reference option, and then select the MP you would like to reference from the list then click ok.

I’ll write up more small tidbits from MP Author as I use the application. For now enjoy!

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